Cesar Calderón

Cesar Calderon is a commercial and editorial photographer based in New York City, specializing in live music and portraits.

For Cesar, photography started at an early age. Between concerts and trips, a Canon point and shoot camera was his best companion. In 2009, he began this great adventure with his first Canon SLR camera, shooting various shows for musicians and bands from the local scene. Until this day, Cesar has captured with his lens many internationally known musicians such as Juanes, Marc Anthony, Camila, Megadeth, Juan Luis Guerra, Fonseca, and Carlos Vives, among others.

Emotions are the essence of concert photography. The live music scene is impregnated by infinite gestures wrapped in a whole game of lights. The adrenaline rush of being on the stage and in the pit capturing those unique moments, surrounded by thousands of people or perhaps a few dozens, depending on the venue, is priceless. It is essential to transmit to the person who views Cesar’s photographs, those magical moments, those interactions between the musician and their instrument, between music and the crowd.


Photoshoot BTS - Camila "Tour Elypse" Japan


Shoot during interview with artist Luis Fonsi